Venue Information


C2G Music Hall is a non-profit music venue in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. C2GMH brings in music of all types, forsaking the traditional labels and choosing rather to simply promote “good, real, music.”


Located on the edge of downtown Fort Wayne, C2G Music Hall is accessible by all, comfortably accommodating an amazing variety of musical shows. Over the years we have welcomed numerous local, regional & national artists.

C2G has been acclaimed by visiting artists as the best stage in Northern Indiana. Featuring state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and video, and an extremely hospitable and competent staff and volunteer base.  You can always expect to feel welcome and comfortable, whether you’re onstage or in the audience.

Artists and audience alike delight in the intimate atmosphere specifically designed for superb acoustic quality. Although the venue can seat up to 400 people, and there is not a bad seat in the house.  C2G is always an ALL AGES and NON-SMOKING venue.

Many of our concerts are professionally recorded (audio & video), post-edited, and shown on TV. We have television shows on both local public access, and on network television (Live at C2G Music Hall, which airs on NBC 33 after Saturday Night Live

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