Are you an all ages venue?

Yes. Most all of the public events held here are all ages. With that being said, please use common sense when bringing very little children to concerts.

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What Kind of Events Do You Host?

We primarily host concerts featuring national and regional touring acts.  Blues, Rock, Americana, Jazz, Pop… a wide variety of styles.  The hall is also sometimes available for private events, business meetings, weddings, and other events.  For more info about booking the hall for an event CLICK HERE.

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How Many People Can It Hold?

We can configure the room in a variety of seating configurations to meet your needs. For a fully seated show we can comfortably handle up to 400 people.

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How Do I Book My Band or Event at the Hall?

Typically concerts, shows and events fall under three categories:

  • Shows we book
    These are typically national touring acts that C2G books for itself. We seek out the performers and contact them directly.
  • Promoters and event planners
    These are concerts and events that C2G Music Hall co-ops with a promoter or planner. We split the event fees, costs and revenue.
  • Private and third party events.
    These are simply rentals of the Hall and are not promoted by, or connected to The Hall.

For booking inquiries contact Mark at the music hall at 260-426-6434 or CLICK HERE

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Do You Serve Alcohol At Your Events?

Typically, yes.  We obtain a temporary  Beer and Wine permit for each show and sell accordingly.  There is no alcohol at events such as our Teen Rock Nights and Open Mics.  We are not a bar, but we understand that people often like to enjoy a drink while watching a show.

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What About Food?

We have a wonderful volunteer team in our snack bar who serves simple food items like pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, coffee, soda, etc.

It is also possible to cater in food for your event.  Outside caterers will need to contact us before  the event to make arrangements.  They must also be fully licensed, insured, certified and have all proper permits.

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Are You A Church?

No. The C2G Music Hall is a separate organization from Come2Go Ministries.  It is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit, music hall.

Come2Go Ministries holds a worship gathering in the hall on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. The Ministry and The Hall work together, but primarily share the building and its expenses.  They are really great people, you should check them out!

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Do You Only Play Christian Music?

No.  We love good Christian music but we welcome all types of genres and encourage diversity on our stage.

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Can My Band Play at C2G?

Promoters and sponsors, who rent the hall for their concerts, arrange most of the shows at our venue.   We count on our acts to be able to fill the hall and put on a professional show.  It costs a lot of money for us to put on a show so it is important for us to fill the hall so we can keep bringing great music to Fort Wayne.  If you have a strong following and can put on a great show contact us at 260-426-6434.

We also host an Open Mic Night on the First Monday of every month.  That is a great way to introduce yourself to us and to other music fans in the area!

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Are There Types of Music or Events You Won’t Host?

Please keep in mind that C2G is an all-ages venue and we probably will not be booking acts that are militant, abusive, profane or anti-social by choice.

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Is the Hall Handicapped Accessible?

Yes. The Hall sits entirely at ground level and has ramps inside for the one step that we do have.  Restrooms are handicapped accessible as well.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent the Hall?

For pricing and availability please call us at 260-426-6434.

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